What we did was took the best clubs in Miami, New York and Amsterdam and created a multi-level experience so those that want the energy around the DJ’s and dance floor, get it. Those who want to share a word in a quieter setting will also find that at the Zoo. We offer a stunning rooftop patio for those who want to gaze at the beautiful Okanagan stars, and you won’t want to leave after the curtains close.

Lounge Dress Code

The dress code at Zoo Lounge is upscale, dressy attire. Zoo Lounge does not permit: baseball hats, sandals, excessively ripped clothing, baggy clothing, hoodies, gang insignia, and athletic wear. Fashionable shirts are required for men. Be sharp & maybe you’ll get a little lucky. If you’re looking for a more relaxed vibe, the club downstairs is open nightly from 9pm-2am. Gang insignia still prohibited.

Rules & Faq

So here are some general housekeeping rules. You have to be of legal age in B.C. in order to enter this establishment. No exceptions. Seriously. Also, you’re not allowed to take any photos or videos of the dancers in our establishment. Don’t lose your phone or risk getting kicked out. If you’re found harassing patrons & staff or are behaving disorderly, you will be removed from the premises. We reserve the right to refuse service under any circumstance.

VIP & Limo Service

Did you know we have a Liquid Zoo Limousine that’s totally ready to pick you up and drop you off, in style? Call the Reservations line at 7778.581.2234 and we’ll be waiting. Make sure you give us at least a 24 hour heads up – we want to stay organized and well-informed so you’re not left waiting.

For those interested in a VIP table, scroll up, or click here, to pencil yourself into the booking calendar.